The Best Chemistry Kits for Middle School (Kids Ages 8-12)

In this post, we’ve hand picked what we consider some of the best chemistry kits for middle school students. These are the best chemistry kits for kids aged 8-12, and have been evaluated on the criteria that they provide a beginners introduction to chemistry without any prerequisite knowledge needed. These kits are a good introduction to the concept of chemistry, going into light technical details. These kits will cover concepts such as acids and bases, reactions, properties of matter, and begin to introduce energy transfer. Some of these kits are advertised for younger ages, however their complexity is suited more to middle school. This list is ideal for parents or educators looking for chemistry classroom activities! Check out what we consider the best chemistry kits for middle school students below:

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Chemistry Lab – Middle School Science Kit

  • THREE SCIENCE KITS IN ONE – This kit contains 45 of our most popular Earth science, chemistry, and science magic experiments along with a bonus guide that’s packed with 30 additional experiments using common household items.
  • DIVE INTO CHEMISTRY – The chemistry set in this kit has everything kids need to make gooey worms and worm eggs, create bubbling reactions, launch a rocket with gas, make pop crystal fireworks, and much more.
  • EXPERIENCE THE MAGIC OF SCIENCE – This kit also has a variety of science experiments that double as magic tricks. Some of the science magic kids will learn includes changing the color of water, catching bubbles in their hands, and making coins float!

YELLOW SCOPE Middle School Chemistry Kit Bundle : Foundation Chemistry for Girls Ages 8-12

  • Chemistry is Fun! This award-winning kit guides girls through experiments exploring chemical reactions, molecular motion, and temperature – for countless hours of bubbling fun!
  • Engaging & Creative: The 24-page lab notebook and 24-piece toolkit take kids on a deep dive into acids & bases for an immersive educational experience.
  • High Quality Supplies: The Foundation Chemistry Kit includes an engaging 32-page lab notebook that outlines dozens of exciting and colorful chemistry experiments.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Amazing Chemistry Set – Mega Chemistry Kit 8+ 

  • INSPIRING SCIENCE FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL KIDS – You’ve come to the right place for a kids science kit with massive variety! Your kids will make bubbling, color-changing solutions, glowing test tubes, a colorful bouncy ball, glowing worms, and a whole lot more.
  • A TOTAL OF 45 SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS FOR KIDS – The chemistry set itself comes with more than 15 experiments, but there’s also a bonus guide with 30 additional activities using common household items! This science kit for kids is a great STEM resource!

Playz A+ Kids Chemistry Set – Middle School Science Kits for Kids Age 8-12+

  • EXCITING WAY TO LEARN: Introduce young minds to the exciting world of scientific discoveries through this fun and engaging stem projects for kids ages 8-12 that teaches about the wonders of chemistry with safe and entertaining science experiments.
  • LOADED WITH VALUE: Our educational science kit comes with 32+ experiments including mixing up chemicals that change color & fizz, using chemistry to do magic tricks, constructing a homemade fire extinguisher, making growing crystals and so much more!
  • EASY TO USE: The 36-page fact-filled colorful lab guide in our chemistry set is full of pictures and information giving kids hours of fun in their own home made science lab! A fun way to educate kids has never been easier!

Playz Edible Candy Making Kit for Middle School – Science Kits for Kids Age 8-12 Years Old

  • Introductory robot learning tool for kids age 8+
  • Stunning appearance! Kids loooove it! Featuring 2 powerful motors, 2 large tracks, each powered by 4 wheels. Tracked car/tumbler robot/racing tank provides a triple build-and-play fun.
  • USB charging design, equipped with built-in rechargeable battery  can play continuously 25 min
  • Kit comes with a simple remote control design that makes it easier to move in all directions——forward or backward, left or right, and makes 360° turns while driving over obstacles with ease

Playz Extreme Kids Chemistry Set – STEM Activities & Science Kits for Middle School Kids Age 8-12

  • EXCITING WAY TO LEARN: Introduce young minds to the exciting world of scientific discoveries through this fun and engaging stem projects for kids ages 8-12 that teaches about the wonders of chemistry with safe and entertaining science experiments.
  • LOADED WITH VALUE: Our educational science kit comes with 52+ experiments including under water volcano, exploding fire resistant balloons, sticky molecules, density layers, sticky drops of H20, extinguish a flame with C02, test PH, and much more!
  • EXCITING EDUCATIONAL TOYS – Combine STEM concepts to unleash a massive amount of learning potential in children and teenagers with our science kit for kids ages 8 9 10 11 12+ Year Old.

Playz Kaboom! Explosive Chemistry Kit for Middle School Kids Age 8-12

  • KABOOM! The Irresistibly Fun Combustion Chemistry Kit – with the ideal balance of explosive fun kids love and safety you’ll appreciate.
  • LOADED WITH VALUE: Our educational science kit comes with 25+ KABOOM science experiments, from making balloon rockets from a chemical reaction, to creating their own fizzy bombs, to creating color explosions to exploding bags and much more!
  • AGE APPROPRIATE: Playz KABOOM makes middle school science activity for boys, girls, teens and kids age 8 9 10 11 12 13+ years old, with more than enough kids activity to entertain a room full of teenagers or school-age children.

Discovery Extreme Chemistry STEM Science Kit, At-Home STEM Kits For Kids, Middle School Chemistry Activities

  • BECOME A CHEMIST: Unleash your inner mad scientist and conduct 30 awesome chemistry experiments with the Extreme Chemistry set by Discovery!
  • 20 FUN-FILLED EXPERIMENTS: From acid and base chemistry to color science, polymers, gasses, and fizz — this in-depth STEM kit introduces tons of fun, hands-on learning opportunities!
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR SCIENCE FUN: Walk in the footsteps of a real scientists by using real chemistry tools like pipettes, test tubes, and more to conduct all of your experiments! Learn how to follow the scientific method as you conduct each activity — hypothesize, experiment, collect data, analyze your results, and form a conclusion!

MindWare Science Academy: Bubble, Fizz & Foam Ultimate Middle School Chemistry Lab – Ages 8+

  • Amazing Chemistry: This Ultimate MindWare lab explores chemistry with simple and safe experiments! Each activity, from crystal growing to a baking-soda balloon, gives hands-on lessons in chemistry.
  • Guidebook and Lab tation: The colorful, 14” lab station will keep you organized as you go through the illustrated step-by-step instructions in the guidebook and learn mini lessons about the chemistry behind your experiments.
  • Includes: All ingredients and supplies needed for your chemistry experiments! All ingredients are safe and non-toxic. Includes safety goggles and latex-free gloves. (Ages 8 and up)

If you are looking for less advanced chemistry kits, check out our choice of best chemistry kits for elementary school students as well as our chemistry kits for high school students for something more advanced. For additional chemistry learning opportunities, check out our write ups of chemistry concepts.

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